NLA Wade-Giles to Pinyin Conversion Program

The National Library of Australia is pleased to announce that a program to convert Chinese bibliographic records from Wade-Giles to Pinyin Romanisation is now available to the East Asian library community.

Called 'W2P', the program will convert records that have Chinese words in Wade-Giles Romanisation into Pinyin Romanisation. It is designed to convert Chinese bibliographic records, as well as records in other languages such as Japanese, Korean or English which include words in Wade-Giles, from Wade-Giles to Pinyin.

Advantage of using W2P include:

The National Library of Australia successfully used W2P to convert its Chinese, Japanese, and Korean database of a million records from Wade-Giles to Pinyin to establish its Pinyin database. W2P has also been used to convert records in the local systems of Australian libraries, and is attracting worldwide interest from libraries that are contemplating Wade-Giles to Pinyin conversion of their own data.

The W2P program is now available to the wider East Asian library community. For more detailed information about the conversion program, conditions of use and downloading instructions, visit the W2P web page at:

The National Library of Australia's Wade-Giles to Pinyin conversion specialist, CP Tang, will be at CONSAL (Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians), from 26-28 April 2000, promoting a number of NLA services such as Kinetica, and the NCJK Service, at the NLA stand in the International Library Expo.

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Originally posted on eastlib on 10 April 2000.