2006 Library Society of China Annual Conference

(Kunming, China, July 24-26, 2006)


I. Library Society of China (LSC) Annual Conference, Monday-Wednesday, July 24-26, 2006, Kunming, China. Registration begins on Sunday, July 23, 2006


1. The main theme ( ) is: The Development of the Library and Building a Harmonious Society (图书馆发展与和谐社会构建)

2. The sub-themes are: (分主题)

a. Human Touch of the Library to the Public (面向大众的图书馆关怀

b. Building Library Law Environment in China : Law Insurance and Profession (Trade) Self-discipline (中国图书馆法治环境构建:法律保障与行业自律)

c. Building, Sharing and Services of the Library Digital Resources (图书馆数字资源的建设、共享与服务)

d. Guidance for the Public Reading in a Harmonious Society (大众阅读指导与和谐社会)


A. LSC Registration Fee

            1. CALA Member US$ 160

            2. Non CALA Member US$ 190

            3. Accompanying person US$ 110


The LSC Conference Registration Fee includes: 3 days meals, attending the Conference & Exhibition, one day sightseeing & visiting libraries in Kunming area. The fee for accompanying person covers all for the member except attending the conference.


B. Hotel room costs US$ 40/per night (for one to two persons/standard room)


Yunnan Conference Resort (four star hotel)

Address: Crossroad of Majie Town and Anshi Highway

Xishan District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Tel: (+86)0871-8171666


II. Post-LSC Conference Tour to Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, China, July 27-30, 2006.


Thanks to Xudong Jin and Haipeng Li who are leading a Midwest Chapter Library Seminar in Kunming to be held at the Yunnan University. Upon my request, Xudong has kindly coordinating with the Yunnan University Library for us on Post-LSC Conference Tour. They will let us join their Post-Workshop Tour to Xishuangbanna at a very good price.  The five Midwest Chapter speakers and their spouses will be guests of the Yunnan University Library. We will need to pay for the Tour. The prices quoted are for 6 to 10 paid members (please see below for details)


A. Costs of Tour for 4 days/3 nights: est. $336 per person including airfares, hotels, meals, entrance fees, sightseeing, local transportation and tips. See itemized costs below:


1. Roundtrip Airfares from Kunming to Xishuangbanna:

            RMP ¥1,440.00 [approx. US$180] (We may receive a discount)


2. Tour for 4 days/3 nights:

            RMP ¥1,130.00 (4 stars hotels, Chinese Guide) (We may receive a discount at ¥113.00 each, if paid members are 6-10 people. ¥1,130-¥113.00= ¥1,017.00 [approx. US$128.00] 


3. Tips: US$7 per person/per day ($4 per person/per day for the Guide who accompanies the Group; $2.00 per person/per day for the local Guides; and US$2.00 per person/per day for the driver). Therefore, US$7 per person/per day x 4 days=US$28 per person for this entire trip. Tip policy is based on US Tour to China. We can save $4 per day if there is no Guide for the whole trip. 

            Note: 1.00 US$ = estimates RMP ¥8.00 based on the rate on April 5, 2006)


B. 日程安排 [Tour Schedules], July 27-30, 2006 (4 days/3 nights):


Day 1-Thursday, July 27: 昆明乘飞机前往西双版纳 [Fly from Kunming to Xishuangbanna]


Day 2-Friday, July 28: 游橄榄坝集市 [Olive Plain (Ganlanba)], 勐仑热带植物园 [Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden]傣族园 [Dai minority village],沿途参观橡胶林基地[visit large plantations of rubber]


Day 3-Saturday, July 29: 游览野象谷[visit Yexianggu ( Wild Elephants Valley)], 蟒蛇园、百鸟园、感受热带雨林风光 [Tropical Rain Forest ](已含单程索道 [include one way cable car] 40元), 驯象表演 [elephants show],品尝傣族风味 [taste Dai cuisine]


Day 4-Sunday, July 30: 游览原始森林公园 [visit natural Forest Park]观孔雀放飞 (Peacock show), 爱伲山寨 [Banla Hani Village]、参加泼水活动[join Water Splashing Festival],晚乘飞机返回昆明 [fly back to Kunming in the evening],结束旅程 [complete the tour]


C. Introduction of Xishuangbanna [西雙版納]


"Xishuangbanna"... Just saying the name of this region of China made it sound mysterious, and so it is! Xishuangbanna is an autonomous prefecture in southern Yunnan Province, China. The capital city is Jinghong [景洪市] within the counties of Menghai [勐海县] and Mengla [勐腊县] which straddles the Lancang-Mekong River. The region sits at a lower altitude than most of Yunnan and has a tropical climate. It is fast becoming a sought after tourist destination. The region has been historically dominated by Dai [] people, and the name for Xishuangbanna literally means "twelve thousand rice fields".  Xishuangbanna is one of the few places where travelers can still enjoy the comfort of nature. On this land live more than 13 ethnic groups such as Dai [] (sometimes spells as Tai), Hani and Yao, all with colorful customs and rich historical traditions. It holds China's faunal and floral species, and is sometimes better known as natural "kingdom of plants" and "kingdom of animals”.


Sally Tseng

CALA Executive Director