2005 China Society for Library Science Conference

Guilin, China

July 19-22, 2005


  1. The 2005 main theme will be: 以人为本, 服务创新 (Innovative Services for the People.)

The sub-themes are: ( )

a.           人文视野中的图书馆学 (Humanism in Library Science)

b.          图书馆权利 (The Right of the Library)

c.           信息素养教育与导读 (Information Literacy Instruction and Guided Reading)

d.          图书馆信息资源的建设模式与规范 (The Structural Models and Authority Control of Library information Resources)

e.           文献信息描述、组织进展与展望 (Description of Bibliographic Information, Organization and Future Development)

f.           参考咨询服务及其管理 (Reference Services and Management)

g.          图书馆建筑与人文关怀 (Library Building and Human Touch)

h.          专业图书馆的改革、发展与深化服务 (The Changes, Developments and Services of Special Libraries)


  1. Post-Conference Tour: Guilin, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces (Dates: immediately after the CSLS Conference, July 23+, 2005 tour for 8 to 10 days, more information will follow)


The tentative itinerary for the 2005 CSLS Post Conference Tour includes Guilin, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces. Famous places include scenic sites in Guilin and Jiaxiu Pavilion, with a bus trip to Anshun and a stay there, the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Dragon Palace, the Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden, the Stone Forest, the Butterfly Spring, the ancient city of Dali, the Three Pagodas temple, the Erhai Lake, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and sightseeing in Lijiang, then back to Kunming to visit the Western Hill Dragon Gate and the Daguan Pavilion, etc.

Contact: Sally Tseng (sctseng888@yahoo.com)