HighWire Press’ Chinese Connection

August 26, 2004. Stanford, California – HighWire Press, Stanford University’s electronic journal development and hosting service, has recently opened a direct pipeline Internet connection with CERNET, the China Education and Research Network. Online content from all 361 HighWire-hosted journals – containing over 1.8 million articles to date (more than 750,000 full text articles are freely available without subscription) – are now fully accessible through a locally-hosted broadband connection authorized and supported by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Because of this pathway to HighWire-hosted journals, readers affiliated with China's academic institutions are able to access high-impact journal content online without being charged for Internet traffic to “foreign” web sites. Chinese academic librarians can activate their online subscriptions and run COUNTER-compliant usage reports directly through each journal’s subscriber help pages. The connection also allows Chinese researchers and students to use the free full-text searching and alerting features on the HighWire Portal: http://intl.highwire.org without incurring access fees.

As a result of this direct channel access, HighWire-affiliated publishers have strengthened the link with their members, authors, and growing readership within China. By improving online access to high-impact journal content to current customers, and simplifying the route to the rapidly growing free content available through HighWire, the CERNET connection is another step on the road to breaking down barriers in disseminating knowledge on the World Wide Web.

Origianlly posted on LIB-CHINESE on August 26, 2004.