CSLS Annual Conference-Guilin, Guangxi Province - August 16-20, 2003

The China Society of Library Science (CSLS) will hold its 2003 CSLS Annual Conference in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, August 16-20, 2003.

Registration Fee: Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) members: US$150 per person (for a delegation of 15 or more persons); Non-member: US$180 per person. The Registration Fee includes Conference materials, three meals a day for three days, one-day sightseeing/cruise on the Li Jiang (Li River) and transportation.

The theme of the 2003 CSLS Annual Conference is: "The Librarians in the 21st Century."

Topical sessions include:

  1. The Role of the Society and Professional Concept;
  2. Knowledge Navigation and Information Service;
  3. Information Technologies and Resources Management;
  4. Professional Education and Continuing Education; and
  5. The Development of Human Resources and Management.

There will be a Preconference on Professional Ethics and the Protection of Intellectual Property in Libraries. These Conference and Preconference are excellent opportunity to learn about Chinese libraries and their digital library projects, knowledge management and organization as well as on intellectual property. You are invited to submit papers and to attend these conferences. Paper can be either in Chinese or in English with abstract in both English and Chinese. The CSLS has ensured Sally that our papers, in Chinese or English, will be published in the second part of the Proceedings in 2004.

Please submit your title and abstract to Sally C, Tseng by March 15, 2003. The deadline for the full paper is due to Sally by April 1, 2003, for the contest, by May 1, 2003, for the conference in general, with email attachment and hard copy with diskette or CD, and US$10 evaluation and processing fee if you want to compete with others for the "2003 CSLS Best Papers of the Year Awards". Papers will not be considered for the contest if the evaluation fee is not included. No fee if you do not want to participate in the contest. Authors of selected best papers will be awarded a certificate and a copy of the Best Papers. Authors who choose not to participate in the contest will also have an opportunity to present their papers at the Conference. Sally will collect all the 2003 papers and send them to CSLS for you.

2003 China Society of Library Science (CSLS) Annual Conference - Post Conference Cultural Tours

Located in the northeast of Guangxi, Guilin has always been famous for its scenery beauty and culture. It has an area of 4,194 square kilometers and a population of 1.25 million. Guilin is in a basin surrounded by mountains. It has a subtropical climate. A one-day Li Jiang (Li River cruise) is included in the CSLS Conference Registration Fee.

CSLS will assist CALA Delegation to arrange post-conference cultural tours to see the beautiful country in Southwestern China. There are two options:

Option 1: NINE DAYS GUILIN-GUIYANG-KUNMING-DALI-LIJIANG (Fee: $560 per person; Must be 16 or more persons to receive this price) (tentatively August 21-29, 2003)

Day 1: In Guilin: Visit Seven Star Park, Flower Bridge, "Sparks of Chinese Culture" Square, Camel Hill, Elephant-trunk Park, stay in Guilin;

Day 2 :Visit Jiaxiu Pavilion, bus to Anshun, stay in Anshun;

Day 3 :Visit Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon Palace, fly from Guiyang to Kunming, stay in Kunming;

Day 4 :Visit the Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden;

Day 5 :Visit the Stone Forest;

Day 6: Bus to Dali, one day tour: visit the Butterfly Spring, the ancient city of Dali, the Three Pagodas temple, see the Erhai Lake;

Day 7: Bus to Lijiang, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain sightseeing: Baisha frescoes, Jade Summit Temple, White Water River, take the big cable car up to the mountain summit (cable car fee included);

Day 8: Visit Black Dragon Poor, the Old city of Lijiang, bus back to Kunming. stay in Kunming;

Day 9: Visit the Western Hill Dragon Gate, the Daguan Pavilion, departure.


(Fee: $650 per person; Must be 16 or more persons to receive this price)

(tentatively August 21-27, 2003)

Day 1: In Guilin: Visit Seven Star Park, Flower Bridge, "Sparks of Chinese Culture" Square, Camel Hill, Elephant-trunk Park and Reed Flute Cave. Fly to Guiyang at night and stay in Guiyang;

Day 2: Visit Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxin Bridge, Dragon Palace, back to Guiyang and stay in Guiyang;

Day 3: Visit Miao Village, ethnic dancing, Lake Hongfeng, fly to Kunming, stay in Kunming;

Day 4: Visit Stone Forest, Colorful Yunnan, stay in Kunming;

Day 5 :Visit the Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden; fly to Xi Shang Ban Na and stay in Xi Shang Ban Na;

Day 6 :Visit the Ganlan (Oliver) Sanbar, Dai Market, Tropical Botanical Garden in Menglun, stay in Xi Shang Ban Na;

Day 7: Visit the Forest Park, Splash Water Festival; fly back to Kunming at night, stay in Kunming;

Day 8: Departure.

Please contact Sally Tseng at sctseng888@yahoo.com if you, your family and friends are interested. Please also indicate whether you are interested in Cultural Tour Option 1 or 2 to Sally. We will combine the interested party into Cultural Tour Option 1 (Preferred) if there are less than 16 persons in either tour.

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