Instructions for Romanizing Chinese

Philip Melzer
Acting Assistant Chief
Asian Division
Library of Congress

Revised Chinese romanization guidelines have been posted on the Library of Congress' CPSO home page, with a link from the LC pinyin home page ( New Chinese romanization guidelines, based on the pinyin system, were announced in advance of pinyin conversion. Modifications are now being proposed in light of comments received from the Library community. They will be sent to the ALA Committee on Cataloging: Asian and African Material (CC:AAM) for comment.

An accompanying document, "Romanization policies for cataloging Chinese material", which serves as a supplement to the revised romanization guidelines, has been posted on the pinyin home page for comment (

Comments on the guidelines and the instructions for catalogers should be sent to Robert M. Hiatt, Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist, CPSO (

A third related document, "Romanization of Chinese geographic names in descriptive and subject headings", will be posted on the LC pinyin home page during the week of April 1.

Originally posted on EASTLIB, 29 March 2002.