Digital Library: IT Opportunities and Challenges in the New Millennium
(Beijing, July 9 to 11, 2002)

Digital Library IT Opportunities and Challenges in the New Millennium, July 9 to 11, 2002 in Beijing, China.

The rapid advancement of IT and network technology made it possible for people to produce, access, and disseminate information and knowledge through the computer networks. Traditional publishers, information intermediaries, and users of books, magazines, and other publications have started to re-invent and re-position themselves in the broader and the more ubiquitous Digital Library (DL) arena. In light of such an overwhelming challenge and opportunity, the Chinese Ministry of Culture is sponsoring an international conference from July 9 to 11, 2002 in Beijing, China. Entitled "Digital Library IT Opportunities and Challenges in the New Millennium, 2002," this event is being organized and coordinated by the National Library of China and the Office of the China Digital Library Project (CDLP). As an international conference, we wish to promote and exchange research in advanced technologies, concepts, and practices for the development of DL around the world.

The conference Organizing Committee Chair will be Mr. Sun Jiazheng, Minister of Culture. Other Vice Chairs include Vice Ministers of Culture, Education, Science and Technology, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and so on. The local Professional Committee consists of professors and librarians in major universities and libraries in China. A (International) Technical Committee has also been formed to encourage international participations, solicit paper submissions, and assist in technical reviews. We also greatly appreciate your help to promote participations from your regions.

Post-Conference Tour and Activities:

In the customary Chinese hospitality, the Conference will also arrange several post-conference tours that feature great Chinese cultural heritages and sceneries including: Dunhuang (West, to Silk Road), Shanghai/Hangzhou (East, Heaven on Earth), NingXia (South of Mongolia), etc. Your will find the Conference and related activities both intellectually and culturally stimulating, especially for a combined professional-family trip during summer.

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Important Dates:

Conference Date/Place: July 9-11, 2002, Beijing, China Paper submission date: March 31, 2002

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  1. DL theory, framework, and model
  2. Production, preservation, service, and management of digital resources (including ancient books and literature)
  3. Organization and development of digital libraries
  4. Standards for digital libraries
  5. DL research collaboration, cooperation and resource sharing DL related technologies (including advanced DL techniques, system architectures, application platforms, and requirements and systems for addressing resource management, user services, and security issues)
  6. Operating models for digital libraries (including funding issues, managerial structure, and model for sustainability)
  7. Intellectual property and copyright issues

Registration Fee: (fee include conference package, lunch and reception)
Before and on May 31: US$200.00
After May 31: US$250.00
Additional 15% service charges for payment by credit card.