CSLS Preconference, Workshop & Conference
(July 15-29, 2002)

1. The 2002 CSLS Preconference and Workshop, Xian, July 23-25, 2002

Call for papers and trainers for:

a. Preconference on Public Library, July 23, 2002

b. SCCTP Electronic Serials Cataloging Workshop, July 24-25, 2002

2. CSLS Annual Conference, Xian, China, Shaanxi Provincial Library, July 26-29, 2002

Call for papers and participants (paper may be in Chinese and/or English):

Theme: Knowledge at the Economic Age and the Trend in Library Development

  1. Library and Intellectual Property after Joining WTO
  2. The Creation and Research of Digital Library
  3. The Building of Library Information Resources
  4. Model of Library Services and Users' Needs
  5. Library and Social Responsibility and Function
  6. Library Management and Innovation
  7. Library School Curricula and New Development

Registration Fee: US$180 (fee includes Conference package, meals and tour)

3. Post Conference Library and Cultural Tour

Silk Road Tour: Xian, Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Tulufan, Urumqi. Exciting opportunities to explore the magnificent Northwestern China and study its arts, antiquities, civilization, culture and people.

These back to back July 2002 conferences will provide you and your families exciting and cultural tours to China.