New Information on the LC Pinyin Homepage

October 9, 2001

Philip Melzer, Team Leader
Korean/Chinese Cataloging Team
Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division
Library of Congress

Two important documents were recently posted on the Library's pinyin home page: the specifications for conversion of non-Chinese material, and lists of LC subject headings that were revised as part of the pinyin conversion project. The specifications were prepared by OCLC and LC staff to help prepare for OCLC's conversion of non-Chinese records. The non-Chinese specs differ from the ones used to convert Chinese records in several ways: 1) a very complex searching and selection process is used to identify records for possible conversion; 2) personal names are only to be converted if they include $c or $d subfields, and matched former headings on converted authority records; 3) many more records are marked for review; 4) the program does not attempt to convert certain kinds of notes; and 5) three tables of Korean and Japanese syllables are used to minimize the chance that text in one of those languages might inadvertently be converted.

Four lists of Chinese subject headings have also been posted on the home page: 1) all Chinese subject headings that were revised during the years 1999 and 2000; 2) nine subject headings that were replaced by name headings; 3) subject headings that now need to be changed from the machine-converted form; and 4) subject headings that did not convert, and now need to be converted manually. These lists have been made available so that LC and other libraries can use them to review the Chinese subject headings in their databases and make changes or corrections where necessary.

Originally posted on EASTLIB, 9October 2001.