New Information on LC Pinyin Homepage

The Library of Congress wishes to announce that the following information has recently been posted on its pinyin home page: (

  1. How bibliographic records converted to pinyin, a detailed explanation (see Outline of Pinyin Conversion, Bibliographic Records)
  2. A brief summary of the reasons for the separation of syllables in pinyin romanization (see FAQ on romanization and syllables)
  3. Romanization and conversion of the character de (di), in the FAQ section
  4. Clarification of romanization practices for place names and personal names: a document that is intended to provide clear, consistent instructions for application of pinyin romanization guidelines within the framework of AACR2. This is a draft, and comments are welcome.

Philip Melzer
Team Leader
Korean-Chinese Cataloging Team
Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division
Library of Congress

Message originally posted on Eastlib, March 14, 2001.