Hangda Delegation to Visit U.S. (1996)

Dear Hangda Alumni:

Another Hangda delegation will visit the United States!

The delegation will be composed of Zheng Xiaoming (new Hangda president), Chen Xinqi (Foreign Affairs director), Zheng Jiwei (official from Zhejiang Commission of Education), and the fourth member that is not decided upon yet.

Their itinerary has not been drawn up in detail. So far as we are informed, they will start the visit on November 10. Their entry might be either Seattle or San Francisco. And we don't know yet what their stops will be in the States. Stay tuned!

Currently, Hangda is all out in preparing for the inspection of its qualifications to enter the 211 Project. As we are informed, Hangda is confident that it will pass the inspection on September 10.

We hope that our alumni will make an effort to see the delegation whenever or wherever possible.

Please send your suggestions of how to organize some welcome receptions of the delegation to us at shwen@siu.edu.

Erping Zhu & Shixing Wen
August 30, 1996

Created 8/30/96 by zerping@ucs.indiana.edu